Don’t let your shop floor control you.


Direct control over a manufacturing environment is crucial. With many systems proprietary hardware adds higher cost to use and maintain an effective production line. Shopfloor Control offers an easy to use interface, simple app, real time reporting and control with no proprietary hardware.


Using hardware already in your environment coupled with Android™ based tablets, Shopfloor puts you in direct control of every aspect on the production floor.

  • NFC Support for Operators and Supervisors
  • QR Code and Code-128 scanning capability
  • Mainstream support for Android™ devices 4.2 or later
  • Real-time reporting for total shop floor control
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Security groups for custom web views
  • Easily approve off standards from the production floor or the web
  • Production documentation system that meets Government standards


How it works.


Powered by Shopfloor enables your software, payroll and ERP systems to capture real time data from a simple to use, android based application. Become a VAR and integrate real time data into your software system. ERP+Shopfloor



Shopfloor allows you to take powerful tools for tracking performance, on and off-standard reporting, downtime and pacing. Increase productivity while increasing visibility from end to end.



Our advanced web browser based software system. No software clients to setup, works on any computer (Mac or PC) and any device (Smart Phones, Android tablets, iPad’s and more). Run your production from anywhere!




Shopfloor Support, the next generation shop floor control system. Simple to use, Simple to deploy, Enterprise level product. Ready to become a partner?

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