Simple and Scalable

Easily scalable to meet your environment needs for users and production locations. Simple to deploy, use and maintain. Off the shelf technology built on a platform in use by over 1 billion people worldwide

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Integrate with Current Systems

Plug-in your ERP, PLM, BOM, Payroll and production systems to add real-time to your shop floor. Reinvent your shopfloor by adding full visibility to your existing software and hardware systems

Real-Time Shopfloor Data

Easily track productivity with our real-time and historical reporting. Sort and export any screen (real-time or archived) into Excel, PDF and more

Go Green

Go Paperless! Eliminate gumsheets and travelers with document viewing and real-time tracking. Show instructions in a simple and efficient way, using all the familiar features of Android

Increase productivity by
Reduce your overall paperwork by 95% or more
Save 25+ minutes per operator per day from wasted time
Additional productivity gain over legacy systems






Security you control

Customizable access levels give users the access they need + secure tablet communication (https)

Plan, Balance & Notify

Simple to manage planning + production balancing with real time email notifications

Visual quality and info

Capture quality issues in real time with pictures + show any document to operators

Whats in your plant?

Visibility from your Shopfloor throughout your organization


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